• Shanik Celebrates One Year Anniversary Week 12.02.13

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    The modern Indian restaurant that met eager diners just one year ago is celebrating their anniversary December 2-7, giving you six changes to indulge Shanik’s special three-course menu with wine pairings.

    In Indian culture, anniversaries are celebrated by giving to the patrons and friends, so in this case, Meeru Dhalwala has assembled a special menu for guests! Pairing wine with Indian flavors is not an easy feat, to that end, Oguz Istif has paired the menu for you with a red and white wine options for each course.

    The menu includes:


    Brussels Sprouts with Bell Peppers, Cashews and Paneer

    Lamb and Beef Kebobs with Creamy Bengali Curry

    Beet Bites with Creamy Fenugreek Chutney and Candied Walnuts


    Gilbert Cellars Gewürztraminer 2012


    Georges Descombes Beaujolais Brouilly 2011



    Kalonji Chicken Curry

    Kale, Jackfruit and Cauliflower Curry with Roasted Almonds

    Beef Short Ribs in Black Cardamom Curry


    Hiedler “Löss” Grüner Veltliner 2012


    Terradora di Paolo Aglianico 2010



    Indian Custard

    Dates Stuffed with Khoa and Walnuts


    Quady Electra Mosc

    Join Shanik this week for the celebratory three-course menu for $32, optional wine pairing flight for an additional $20. Please visit for reservations or call 206.486.6884.

    We look forward to celebrating the success of Meeru, Oguz, and the entire team at Shanik this week!

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  • Welcoming our newest client: Shanik Restaurant 07.22.13

    Lamp Popsicle (small)

    Few other restaurants that opened in 2012 had the hype of Shanik Restaurant. From the family of the famed Vij’s and Rangoli in Vancouver, Canada, Seattleites knew they were lucky to get such world-class Indian cuisine in the center of South Lake Union.

    The lines came, just like at sister restaurant Vij’s, and waits were 2-3 hours long when they first opened. Yes, in Seattle! Creative, unique Indian food at the thoughtful hand of chef and author Meeru Dhalwala created quite the frenzy.

    Shanik is thoughtful, gracious and delicious – and we are thrilled to add the restaurant to our client list! Working with chef-owner Meeru Dhalwala and owner Oguz Istif while promoting the interesting, delicious and one-of-a-kind cuisine is making our summer! From thoughtful dishes, such as the Spice Encrusted Lamb Popsicles above, intricate stories and unique spices and ingredients, this restaurant is raising the level of Indian cuisine in our area.

    Get a taste for Shanik and chef Meeru Dhalwala at her recent KING 5 appearance below, discussing the health advantages of Indian food and showcasing how to spice of your vegetables for the whole family.

    We’ll have more Shanik news soon! Pop in for weekday lunch, Monday-Saturday dinner and enjoy their beautifully appointed lounge. Be sure to say hello to Meeru for her personal touch on the Shanik menu – Enjoy!

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