• Fresh Washington Asparagus is Now In Season! 04.16.20



    The Washington fresh asparagus season has arrived! Support our hard-working, local farmers and look for Washington asparagus while shopping online and in stores. Asparagus is often noted with signage, tags, or a rubber band around the bunch citing Washington grown. From skinny to jumbo to extra fancy, keep an eye out for this favorite springtime vegetable and #stalkup on fresh Washington asparagus from April to June!


    From roasting and grilling to quiches or soups, there are so many ways to incorporate asparagus into your meal planning! For recipe inspiration, cooking tips and more, visit the Washington Asparagus Pinterest page.


    Asparagus is labor intensive, accounting for 60 percent of the cost of asparagus. An asparagus farmer must harvest their asparagus fields every day of the season. Because the fragile spears rise from the earth in different places daily and are relatively fragile, each one must be individually hand-cut from the ground!


    Asparagus is known for making pee smell funny, but it can do so much more, like help you beat bloat and lose weight, thanks to its diuretic properties and high fiber content! It’s also packed with other nutrients like vitamins A, C, K, and B6. Asparagus is also a great source of vitamin E, which strengthens your immune system!


    When shopping for fresh Washington asparagus, choose odorless, green firm stalks with dry, compact to slightly open tips. Our state’s “Extra Fancy” fresh asparagus is a step above USDA standards, meaning tighter, more uniformly-packed stalks with superior quality! To store at home, wrap the ends of the stalks in a wet paper towel and place them inside a plastic bag or jar. Asparagus are thirsty and this method keeps them fresher longer! Get the best from anywhere across the country (and imports) by buying local!


    Share your photos, recipes and follow along on the Washington Asparagus Facebook and Instagram.


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