• Our New Client – Lloyd Martin 05.11.12

    Lloyd Martin, our latest client, is a Queen Anne treasure that has been impressing local food critics since it opened in October and we are thrilled to be part of this head-turning dining option.

    We were first impressed by how many of the items are truly housemade ingredients. This small neighborhood restaurant makes everything from its fresh mozzarella to its own pasta. Mix that in with Chef-Owner Sam Crannell’s passionate use of exotic game meats, flavor driven sauces and his ability to change the menu every few days based on the ingredients that come in his door – well, we were hooked!

    Lloyd Martin rounds out the perfect dining experience with beautiful brown liquors in the bar, draught beer and wines from the everyday bottle to a very impressive cellar.

    Social Hour tests this chef’s ability everyday, which he passes with flying colors! Tuesday-Saturday, 5-6 p.m., Sam puts masterpieces on the plate for $5 and under in the bar. Foie Gras? Sometimes. Lamb meatballs with ramps? Yep, that, too. Cocktails of your choosing are also appropriately priced in the hopes that the “social” hour will introduce you to new friends and give you a reason to meet old friends.

    We mentioned the critics and we weren’t bluffing, from The Seattle Times to Seattle Weekly, Seattle Magazine to the most recent Seattle Met reviews, Seattle’s best critics have turned their heads in the direction of Lloyd Martin and we encourage you to, too! New dishes are enticing nightly.

    Located at 1525 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109.

    Find Lloyd Martin online and stay updated on Facebook and Twitter.


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