• Explore How Far $28 Will Get You During SRW! 04.13.12

    Now that Seattle Restaurant Week has officially begun, you may be finding yourself overwhelmed with choosing between 150+ restaurants each serving outstanding dishes.

    If you’re seeking guidance about which reservation to book next, take our advice and see what’s cooking at Cafe Flora (featured above), Crush, Golden Beetle, and Tilth. We’ve listed their specialized SRW menus below to show how these local restaurants are using elegant dishes and rich flavor to heighten the celebration. Trust us, when we read the menus, we couldn’t believe a three-course dinner this good could be $28 either!

    *Remember: For each three-course menu, select one dish for each course.

    1. Crush – serving 3 course dinner
    Stinging Nettle Veloute
    Spring Greens & Pickled Garden Vegetables
    Crisp Berkshire Pork Belly
    Roasted Pacific Ling Cod
    48 Hour Beef Short Rib Crepinette
    Strozapretti Pasta
    Artisan Cheese Selections
    Lemon Merignue Tart
    Chocolate Olive Oil Cream Sundae

    2. Golden Beetle – serving 3 course dinner
    Red Bean and Pepper Soup -oregano, crushed red pepper, yogurt
    Iceberg Wedge – pomegranate, feta, walnut
    Potato and Kasseri Cheese Pastry – dry cured olive, phyllo, paprika
    Steamed Taylor Shellfish Clams – lemon-tahini broth, cilantro, serrano
    Wood Fired Chicken Kebab – carrot, cous cous, almond
    Beluga Lentil-Rice Stew – tomato sauce, spinach, crispy onion
    Sour Cherry Pudding Cake – white chocolate, sour cherry, fresh breeze milk
    Baklava – black walnut, crème fraîche, rose water
    Chocolate Truffle Torte – Chantilly, pistachio cream

    3. Tilth – serving 3 course dinner
    Savory Apple Soup gruyere, caramelized onion, crouton
    Baby Iceberg Lettuce radish, pecorino, mustard vinaigrette
    Roasted Garlic Flan cauliflower, fresh breeze cream, green garlic
    St. Jude Albacore Tuna cardoon, cannellini bean, crème fraiche
    Carnaroli Risotto bloomsdale spinach, wild mushroom, pine nut
    Skagit River Ranch Pork choucroute, purple sweet potato, cabbage slaw
    Maple Crème Brulee maple blossom, candied bacon, cornmeal cookie
    Carrot Cake golden raisin, walnut, cream cheese
    Theo Chocolate Pudding rhubarb, candied pistachio, shaved chocolate

    4. Cafe Flora – serving 3 course lunch and dinner

    LUNCH (3 courses for $15)
    Vegan Cinnamon Roll – sticky caramelized sugar, toasted pecans, vanilla icing (vegan)
    Pate Platter – lentil pecan paté, seasonal fruit, marinated olives, red onion confit, rosemary croccantini (vegan, available gluten free)
    Strawberry Butter Lettuce Salad – strawberries, peas, grilled spring onions, basil black pepper dressing (vegan, gluten free)
    Potato-Crusted Quiche – spring onions, fresh herbs, goat cheese with fresh grilled asparagus and wild morel ragout (gluten free)
    Spring Caprese Scramble – fresh mozzarella, green garlicky grape tomatoes scrambled with eggs or tofu, topped with fresh basil pesto, with roasted potatoes or grits (available vegan, gluten free)
    French Dip Sandwich – thin sliced, grilled portobello mushrooms, caramelized onions, melted Swiss cheese, seeded baguette; roasted garlic-mushroom jus with yam fries or house salad (available vegan)
    Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp – vanilla ice cream, elderflower caramel sauce (vegan, gluten free)
    Huckleberry Ice Cream – honey caramel, Russian tea cake (gluten free)
    Lemon Pot De Crème – lemon curd, Russian tea cake (gluten free)

    Cardoon and Green Garlic bisque – mushroom ragout on crostini
    Strawberry Butter Lettuce Salad – strawberries, peas, and grilled spring onions, basil black pepper dressing (vegan, gluten free)
    Spring Wontons – baby bock choy, goat cheese crema, rhubarb chutney, black bean garlic sauce (available vegan)
    Oaxaca Tacos – roasted corn tortillas, cheddar and smoky Mozzarella mashed potatoes, lime crème fraîche, cotija cheese, fire roasted salsa; with black bean stew, fresh corn and pepper relish and braised greens (gluten free)
    Spring Morell Risotto – haricovert, snap peas in an herbed pistou, Parmigiano Reggiano, roasted cherry tomatoes (gluten free)
    Tuscan Asparagus and Fava Bean Polenta – chive blossom polenta, grilled asparagus, fava bean mousse in an artichoke heart with sweet onion and nicoise olive tapenade, toasted almond gremolata. (gluten free and vegan)
    Strawberry Rhubarb Galette – hibiscus crème chantilly, honey caramel (gluten free)
    Chocolate Brownie Coupe – salted peanut butter balsamic ice cream, hot fudge, chocolate crumble (vegan and gluten free)
    Lemon Pot de Crème – lemon curd, Russian tea cake

    Make your reservations today! You only have 5 days left to indulge in Seattle Restaurant Week.

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