• Seize the Day in Seattle with Sosh! 03.13.14

    Looking for a new restaurant or happy hour hangout? Itching to go on a hike but not sure where to go? Ready to change up your plans for your next date night or girls night out? Well, now there’s a mobile app for that!


    Currently in San Francisco and New York, Sosh, a free mobile “concierge service” app, has made its way to Seattle! With the help of Sosh, you can peruse personalized recommendations for restaurants, bars, entertainment and a variety of other activities at your leisure. The best part about the app is it’s easy to use and navigate so you’re not left searching for hours!



    When you first join Sosh, simply select what type of activities you are most interested in. Based on your selections, your location and the time of day, the app will match you with interesting things to do. Unlike other sites, Sosh recommends specific activities not venues. For example, if you use Sosh on a Friday night, the app may recommend you to a special menu night at a local bar or pop-up restaurant. Likewise, if you open Sosh in the middle of a Wednesday, the app may suggest an open mic at a nearby café or a massage at a local spa.



    Sosh removes the hassle of scrolling through pages of possible activities from search engine results by tailoring its recommendations to your interests. As you continue to use Sosh, the app will constantly modify its suggestions to your needs based on the activities you look at and what you click on. Basically, the more you use Sosh, the more it gets to know your interests!



    Regardless of how you want to seize the day, Sosh has you covered and will ensure you never have a boring day again! Finding your next date night activity, hike, concert or exercise craze has never been easier.


    Download the free Sosh app and sign up here to start discovering Seattle! For the latest Sosh updates, follow them on Twitter: @SoshSeattle.



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