• Golden Beetle Celebrates Hanukkah 12.02.13


    If you’re looking to inject your Hanukkah with new flavors then head to Golden Beetle in Ballard anytime today through December 4. Chef Maria Hines brings her James Beard Award-winning skills together with the Jewish background of her chef de cuisine Ariel Fishman-Larsh to create a delicious menu that pays tribute to traditional Hanukkah dishes with a bit of a culinary twist!

    Guests will feast on:
    Potato Latkes with housemade Washington applesauce, crème fraiche and parsley
    Smoked Chicken and Matzo Ball Soup with carrots, celery, onion
    Donuts Stuffed with Persimmon filling and covered with powdered sugar.

    Golden Beetle pleased guests so much during this year’s Passover, they want to do it again for Hanukkah!

    Happy Hanukkah!

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