• Shanik Opens Retail Market Today! 10.14.13

    Shanik sign

    Shanik is opening its long awaited Market today. That’s right, you’ll be able to enjoy hot, fast, take-out lunches and easy to heat dinners right in your own home.

    From 11:30am-7pm Monday through Friday, the Market will be offering the Shanik Express, featuring take-out lunches, fresh and frozen curries, bottles of wine (priced at retail prices), and more!

    Housed just next door to the restaurant, Market-goers can grab ready-to-eat lunches of Chicken Koftas with rice, Curried Chickpea with Rice, and Yellow Lentil Curry with Rice (all under $10).

    Easy to heat dinners and frozen, boil-a-bag curries are also offered and go perfectly with the retail wine that has been paired to go with Shanik’s modern Indian cuisine. Imagine Punjabi Lamb Curry, Chicken Curry with Kalonji Spice (signature chicken curry), or Curried Chickpeas (vegetarian) for dinner tonight in the comfort of your own home!

    Shanik has more good news to share that even has Seattle Met excited – it’s now taking reservations! The highly-coveted dining room tables can be booked by phone or online. Walk-ins are still welcome, too.

    Find a full list of items offered at the Market, here, and read what Seattle Met has to say. Head in today to enjoy complimentary, housemade chai and celebrate the opening of the new neighborhood Market.


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